22 things I wanted to do before I was 23
-here's to new adventures!

22 things I would like to do before I’m 23
1.     Leave love notes in books at the book shop - still super excited to do this!
2.     Sew something - All my valentine's day cards and my sister's Christmas pres.
3.     Visit Groombridge Place - with Lucy and Olivia!
4.     Work around books - a short-lived publishing career
5.     Learn how to use my Diana F+ camera - me and harry tried!
6.     Get in touch with one old friend - rekindled my friendship with Ro
7.     Watch It’s a Wonderful Life - watched half of it, fell asleep!
8.     If I like it, do it. If I don’t, don’t. - This a bit vague  but I tried!
9.     Fill 10 days of my star chart - check!
10.   Go to the National Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition - check!
11.  Go somewhere for a day without telling anybody / Go somewhere new  - I wish!
12.   Find a new hobby - studying Japanese
13.   Read a series/trilogy - 1Q84!
14.   Plan milly’s hen party - half check!
15.   Help someone with more significant problems  I hope!
16.   Organise going to Japan - I'm here!
17.   Sort my bridesmaid dress   YAY!
18.   Post things to all my friends - Valentine's Love.
19.   Lend someone a book I love - Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.
20.   Update my ipod - Don't know how to do this!
21.    Organise a social event  - My leaving do!
22.  Remember to stay independent. You don’t need boys. This means, stop trying to be someone else’s perfect. I suck at this!